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Conscious Kids Homeschool Enrichment

We make learning fun!

Conscious Kids homeschool enrichment program is a relationally rooted, play and project focused program, dedicated to self directed learning in a cohesive community. Our goal is to provide homeschool students with an environment that inspires and supports curiosity and creativity within a community that fosters self awareness, friendship, and collaboration. We strive to make learning natural, meaningful and fun.

Conscious Kids is a mixed age program with children 3 to 10 years old, and is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 - 2:30. Preschool and kindergarten students join us two or three days a week, and older homeschool students join us on Wednesdays. Kid zones include a play room, art room, kitchen, library, and a large outdoor play space with a vegetable and flower garden.

Our daily schedule has large blocks of time for self directed play and exploration with adult mentors on hand to guide and support as needed. Our flexible rhythm includes, morning community circle; daily offerings, open choice play; community lunch; and quiet reading time, followed by open choice play before pick up. Conscious Kids is a tuition based program with a capacity to serve fourteen children. There is at least one adult for every seven children in the classroom, but we usually have a volunteer on hand, often making it four children for every adult. Social emotional development is a large part of our program, making group connection and cohesion important to the success of what we do here. While attendance is important to us, we whole heartedly support personal adventures and family travel.

Outdoor water play

Our Mission

Outdoor learning in the garden

Conscious Kids is a mindfulness based and relationally rooted program committed to joyful learning and growth in a cohesive community. Our mission is to provide a safe, loving environment that inspires meaningful engagement, exploration, and expression in children. We are a play and project focused program, dedicated to helping children build and practice social emotional skills, while nurturing experiences that support independence, initiative, collaboration, innovation and self directed learning.

Exploration Learning

Exerperiencing Different Types of Animals

Outdoor Play

Homeschool Enrichment
6 - 10 years old

Wednesday: $300 a month - $150 mat. & field trip fee

We are an approved vendor for Inspire Charter School, and offer homeschool enrichment to children ages 6 through 10. If you are homeschooling and interested in more than one day, please contact Tosh for more information.

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We're located in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information, please contact us.

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