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Conscious Kids Homeschool Enrichment

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Conscious Kids is a mindfulness based & relationally rooted mixed age homeschool program for families with children ages 3 and up. Along with academic explorations, social-emotional development is a foundational focus of all that takes place. In a self directed learning environment we practice kindness, contribution and communication as we create, innovate and collaborate. Through these practices we build a safe and cohesive community that supports our mission to nurture joyful curiosity and learning.

During our time together we play games, read, do art, cook, and create from our imaginations both indoors and outdoors. Our space includes a spacious play room, art room, kitchen, library and a backyard garden with vegetable and flower boxes. Learning through projects, play, supported exploration, and spontaneous discovery is highly encouraged. The flexible daily rhythm includes large blocks of time for self directed learning & play, themed project offerings, community snack and lunch, writers workshop for older children, and group story time and drawing for younger children.

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We believe heart based practices in community and thoughtful approaches to relationships are universally important and essential skills for long term success and happiness. A safe and warm environment invites and inspires the engagement, exploration, and expression necessary for meaningful learning and growth. With a secure foundation, children are more inclined to risk, explore, fall, fail, get back up, try again and again until they master what was once novel, and enjoy the process! Of course, while all this is happening they are building resilience and real world experience - in other words, they are learning.

Outdoor water play

Our Mission

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The mission of Conscious Kids is to nurture joyful curiosity and learning in a caring and cohesive community. We provide an environment that supports children to grow into their strengths and move through their challenges in ways that are appropriate for their personal timing, needs and character. Along with planned offerings, we seek out teachable moments, both academic and social-emotional, in the everyday curiosities, activities and experiences of the community.

Exploration Learning

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We're located in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information, please contact us.

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